Located in New York, NY
D&D Building Sample Sale

February 8th-26th, 2021

Discounted prices on luxury floor samples and select inventory at participating showrooms!

A. Rudin
  //  Baumann Dekor  //  Bielecky Brothers  //  David Sutherland  //  Dedon  //  Kettal  //  Maharam  //  Marc Phillips Decorative Rugs  //  Shelly Tile  //  Saint Louis  //  Stark Carpet  //  Walters Wicker  //  Worlds Away  //  Zimmer & Rohde

A. Rudin

Suite: 1201
Phone Number: 212-644-3766
Website: www.arudin.com

Discounts on: Floor Samples (up to 50% off)

Baumann Dekor

Suite: 518
Phone Number: 212-258-0688
Website: www.baumanndekorusa.com

Discounts on: Pillows at 10% off, and additional 10% off with 2 or more purchased. All pillows made with discontinued fabric are $20-25 each.

Bielecky Brothers

Suite: 911
Phone Number: 212-753-2355
Website: www.bieleckybrothers.com

Discounts on: Floor Samples (up to 20% off Trade Price)

David Sutherland

Suite: 401
Phone Number: 212-871-9717
Website: www.perennialsandsutherland.com

Immediately available | great condition | reduced pricingpricingincludes all finishes, COM, COL; sold as-is


Suite: 720
Phone Number: 212-334-3345
Website: www.dedon.us

Discounts on: Floor Samples (up to 50% off)


Suite: 2nd Floor Annex/333 Main Building
Phone Number: 917-409-2650
Website: www.kettal.com

Discounts on: Warehouse Samples over 50% discount


Suite: 1701
Phone Number: 212-319-4789
Website: www.maharam.com

Discounts on: Fabrics by the yard (up to 35% off) and Pillows (up to 30% off)

Marc Phillips Decorative Rugs

Suite: 211
Phone Number: 212-752-4275
Website: www.marcphillipsrugs.com

Discounts on: Select Rugs 30-70% off (100+ rugs avail.)

Saint Louis

Suite: 816
Phone Number: 929-404-8954
Website: www.saint-louis.com

Discounts on: Floor Samples (up to 50% off)

Shelly Tile

Suite: 819
Phone Number: 212-832-2255

Discounts on: Hand-Painted Sink, Marble Medallions & Panels, Swarovski Crystal Jewelry

Stark Carpet

Suite: 1102
Phone Number: 212-752-9000
Website: www.starkcarpet.com

Discounts on: Closeout Rugs – Up to 50% off (100+ rugs avail.)

Walters Wicker

Suite: 538
Phone Number: 212-758-0472
Website: www.walterswicker.com

Deep Discounts on: Select Outdoor Furniture

Worlds Away

Suite: 414 Phone Number: 332-220-2155 Website: www.worlds-away.com Discounts on: Floor Samples

Zimmer & Rohde

Suite: 932
Phone Number: 212-758-7925
Website: www.zimmer-rohde.com/en

Discounts on: Floor Samples