Weitzner Introduces the Making Our Mark Collection
Posted on 01/21/21
Pollack & Weitzner - Making Our Mark

JANUARY 2021 (NEW YORK, NY) — As the world changes at an unprecedented pace, innovations can make life more efficient but oftentimes at the expense of human touch. As we embrace this new frontier, there is also a desire for more individualization. That means so many creatives—from fine artists to poets, novice and professional alike—are in the midst of a renaissance right now.

Making Our Mark, Weitzner’s Spring 2021 introduction, celebrates that personal expression and personal character. Through sketches of textures, symbols, doodles, words and writings created in the Lori Weitzner studio, these unique imprints became muse as the team created the latest collection of textiles and wallcoverings. All with the hope of connecting our human spirits.

Making Our Mark Pollack & Weitzner Spring 2021 Collection