Innovations Presents SP21Collection, Modern Threads
Posted on 03/03/21

Modern Threads is a celebration of textile design, inspired by old-world techniques and ancient practices.

New York City (March 2021) From the attire we wear to the objects that decorate our home, Modern Threads is a revival of traditional textiles. Featuring ten new wallcoverings, this thoughtfully crafted collection transcends the art of textiles with a range of materials and weave structures that are both beautiful and practical. From linens, to naturals and vinyls, these new wallcoverings untangle the common thread between individual style, interior design, and the spaces they share. Experience the art of textiles with Modern Threads. We could not celebrate textiles without highlighting the strength and beauty of linen. With Harlequin, traditional materials blend with contemporary techniques. A thoughtfully arranged burn out application on linen etches a diamond pattern into the surface, allowing variegated color and foil to peek through. With welcome depth and dimension, Harlequin transforms a simple rustic linen into a glamorous and timeless wall application. If geometrics are more your style, leisurely linen receives a tailored transformation with Flair. A hybrid of argyle and classic checkerboard, Flair uses an array of handmade texture to accentuate the innate beauty of a natural material. The color of Flair cycles from wardrobe to home with an adaptable palette of white, beige, blue and green adding organic elegance to the walls. Another fabric wallcovering, Trace upcycles tradition with a monochromatic twist. Inspired by the embroidered and quilted running stitches found in Kantha blankets, Trace utilizes a unique embossing technique to create layered dimension in a cellulose polyester blend. From recycled paper to sustainably cultivated and rapidly renewable fibers, the natural wallcoverings in this collection embrace organic textures that have timeless appeal and the natural wovens of York, Bartow and Dupont are no exception. Finely spun rayon and polyester yarns give York its silk-like sheen. Like a pinpoint oxford, there is a heritage of beauty in its suitability for a variety of modern-day settings. Inspired by the traditional art of basket weaving, Bartow is fitted in a familiar, yet alluring texture. Bespoke in nature, Dupont’s subtle weave construction delicately layers fine threads of hemp and rayon. Dupont’s everlasting design illustrates the beauty of simplicity in both pattern and material. All three of these natural wovens have a recycled paper backing. Innovations - SP21 Collection The influence of textiles on natural wallcovering in this collection extends beyond wovens to abaca and paper. A layering technique highlights the heathered look of natural abaca in Allay. An upscale diagonal pattern is accented with delicate nylon threads, creating depth and texture. Available in both nurturing and bold hues, Allay provides a balanced backdrop with a natural element for serene interior spaces. The collection also includes Pulse, an eye-catching pattern reminiscent of book matched stone. This environmentally friendly cellulose wallcovering provides energetic texture layered with an eclectic rhythm of color. Lastly, the collection includes elevated vinyls with rich textures that are perfect for high traffic areas without compromising on style. Inspired by the iconic Chanel jacket with its loop yarn construction, Boucle reinvents the appearance of timeless luxury for the walls. With its long-lasting design and durable composition, this Type II vinyl offers an elegant solution for any interior. Electrum finds inspiration in Earth’s natural processes. Digitally printed on mylar, a contemporary crosshatch design emulates the effects of erosion on a vertical surface. This Type II vinyl offers subtle texture in a luxe palette of matte colorways, with metallic accents ranging from cool silver to deep bronze. With ten textile-inspired designs that range from linen, to naturals, to vinyls, the Modern Threads collection is as beautiful as it is practical. Experience the Modern Threads Collection.   View the Collection

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