How to enhance your design build projects and clients’ lives with wellness
Posted on 03/09/21
By Michelle Guss, Crestron’s Director | Business Development   There is no doubt that 2020 has been a year full of twists and turns. The one thing this year has guaranteed is change. Over the past several years, I have watched our industry start to adapt and focus more on wellness in the home. The global pandemic has brought an even greater focus on wellness technology and the value it can bring to our industry and clients. After recently attending Crestron NEXT and the CEDIA® Virtual Expo, it was clear that technologies from Crestron and many others have changed for the better. We’ve brought wellness technology to the places where clients are spending more time than ever before; their homes. At the CEDIA Virtual Expo, Crestron Vice President of Residential, John Clancy, participated on a panel in which interior designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard said, “Health is the new luxury. Our clients do have an increased focus on health and wellness, and one wellness technology being requested the most in the design stage of new homes and remodels is air purification systems.” Crestron offers a complete smart home ecosystem that allows you to integrate and streamline all technology in the home. With Crestron, you can control lights, shades, thermostats, locks, alarms, entertainment, pools/spas, etc. – and now, thanks to our partnership with Delos, a whole new world of wellness technology. Now, more than ever, our homes play an expanded role in our lives. Stated another way, what is the value to your clients if you could enhance their energy, sleep, and overall well-being? Our new partnership with wellness solutions provider Delos represents another growth opportunity for your business, enabling you to deliver added value and enhance your client’s lives in multiple ways. Crestron and the Darwin™ hub work in harmony to bring wellness enhancements, such as dawn simulation, circadian rhythm lighting, and air purification, into the home. The Delos™ Darwin™ hub seamlessly integrates with the Crestron ecosystem to access lighting, shades, HVAC, and even audio. Darwin supplies critical information to Crestron, such as air quality, that can be displayed on a touch screen or a mobile device. Previously, a custom UI needed to be created to integrate the systems, but now the integration is native, so you can provide a seamless experience that can transform the home using intelligent scenes and reactions to the environment. Clients are thinking more about what is in the air they inhale, which is why air purification systems are now a part of home technology. Integrators are poised to provide them along with the rest of the smart home system. The Crestron and Darwin healthy home solution can react to the environment and provide air remediation when pollutants rise. The Darwin air purification system reduces pollen and allergens, filters toxins and pathogens, and helps expel odors. Indoor air quality readings are recorded in real-time. When Darwin detects an air quality event, it communicates with a Crestron thermostat to trigger fan speed adjustment to move larger amounts of air through the home and remediate any air quality issues via the air purification system. Final thoughts If you want to deliver added value to the design build professionals you’re working with or want to work with, talk to them about the many benefits that wellness solutions can provide to their projects and clients. The Crestron Residential Business Development team works hand-in-hand with the design build community and are here to help you. Contact your local Crestron Business Development Manager.  
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