The Soirée and Trio Collections From Scalamandré

Posted on March 31st, 2021

The Soirée Collection From Scalamandré


Scalamandré is proud to present the Soirée Collection, an exclusive assortment of luxurious, embellished wallcoverings. Techniques typically used in fabric take on a new dimension when applied to textured grasscloth. The beautiful balance of laborious hand beading and machine embroidery practiced in the Soirée collection result in a wallcovering collection full of unexpected glamour. Available now @scalamandre #scalamandre

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Scalamandré presents the Trio collection, a group of tasteful yet practical high-performance textures. Being at ease is the greatest luxury, and these high-abrasion, fire-rated, easy-to-clean upholstery fabrics offer just that – peace of mind, without sacrificing style! No need to worry about making a mess: puddles of wine, smears of chocolate, and dabs of nail polish are all easily removed with soap, water, bleach or acetone. Available in a vast spectrum of colors ranging from earth tones to jewel tones, the Trio collection includes sophisticated and subtle designs designed to withstand the test of time. Available now @scalamandre #scalamandre

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