Élitis: Kachama Collection
Posted on 04/07/21
  Part of the New Spring 2021 Wallpaper and Wallcovering Launch. Kachama interprets incredible oriental weaves printed on linen. Imperial club identity under very Thai, shiny reflections. Come closer, yes closer. Up close, the irregularity of the weaves and the combinations of materials cut and re-woven together reveal their handcrafted fiber and make the colors vibrate. Printed on a foil backed linen, these large textile panels are suitable for contract use.   STORYTELLING The collection interprets the incredible textile work of Kachama Kiratiphumtam, a Thaï-Japanese artist. The Thai hill tribes living outside Chiang Mai shared their weaving know-how with Kamacha. These creations bear this historical heritage.   Her works are impressive woven patchworks, made even more unique by inclusions of fabric and salvaged materials. Encapsulated in the creation are pieces of silk, cotton, traditional clothing, as well as bamboo, pearls or even grains… Since the creations are made of materials specifically gathered for this purpose, each one is unique and cannot be duplicated. From the traditional dyeing methods to the use of handlooms, each step of the process is manual and artisanal. Weeks are necessary for each creation. Sometimes even months or years, with creations more than 15 m long. In turn, digital printing allows all the finesse of the original textile creation to be felt and seen. Explore the Kachama Collection > Explore the temporary site, showcasing the new Spring 2021 launch products >    
Elitis Kachama Collection