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Spring 2021: New collections from Nina Campbell for Osborne & Little

Posted on February 12th, 2021

Nina Campbell celebrates her love of Indienne textiles with the launch of three new spring collections:

The PARVANI collection of decorative prints and embroideries is infused with characteristic features such as the stylized florals with undulating stems and hand-block printed motifs. The designs are presented in Nina’s signature palette along with fresh new color combinations.

The BARODA collection of opulent and decorative woven designs takes inspiration from textiles of the ancient silk route. These richly colored fabrics combine well with the prints and embroideries in Nina Campbell’s PARVANI and LARKANA collections.

LARKARA is a versatile collection of small-scale weave designs for upholstery. They provide the perfect complement to the decorative patterns in PARVANI and BARODA and to many of Nina Campbell’s collections. The elegant palette includes orange, teal, aqua, coral, sage and indigo as well as useful neutral tones such as linen and dove.

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Nina Campbell established her company in 1974 as both an interior design practice and a shop selling home treasures from all over the world.
Today Nina Campbell, a world-renowned interior designer, is known for her stylish interiors as well as for her collections of fabrics, wallpapers and accessories.
Nina’s designs are epitomized by luxury, practicality and a sense of wit. Integral to the Nina Campbell collections is a color palette that has been developed with a decorator’s eye, and one that is constantly evolving so that new and existing designs work beautifully together.



Beautiful Blooming Jungle and Kinabalu from Clarence House’s Spring 2021 Collection

Posted on February 12th, 2021

Clarence House Spring 2021 Collection


Clarence House is recognized for its distinctive point of view, pure color and paramount textiles with Kazumi Yoshida’s sophisticated, enchanting artwork as the cornerstone of the brand. The Clarence House Spring 2021 collection encompasses a variety of plains, patterns and textures. The wide collection brings color to life in a beautiful way. Explore two of the stunning patterns from the collection.

Blooming Jungle reflects the concept of Kazumi Yoshida’s 2019 gallery exhibition of the same name, translating one of the paintings from the show into a printed fabric. Invariably drawn to the beauty of the world around us, Kazumi created his own jungle. Featuring vivacious flowers, trees and a menagerie of animals frolicking throughout, Blooming Jungle’s vibrant colors bring about sensations of positive energy and sublime happiness.

Like Blooming Jungle, Kinabalu also draws inspiration from Kazumi Yoshida’s 2019 gallery exhibition. Influenced by the allure of nature, Kazumi brings the world to life through vivid color in this printed pattern. Designed to coordinate with Blooming Jungle, Kinabalu complements other patterns or stands on its own.

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Crestron: Simplicity is the new perfection

Posted on February 11th, 2021

Crestron: Simplicity is the new perfection

By Michelle Guss


I attended a recent symposium where one of the presentations was titled, Simplicity is the New Perfection. Whenever I meet with design build professionals, one concern they have with smart home systems, whether in single-family residences or MDUs, is how simple it is to use. Clearly, Crestron Home™ software represents this design perspective with an intuitive, straightforward user experience. So, I want to share with you how it can dramatically increase the value of MDU developments and single-family residences.

There’s a growing demand for smart home technology, with 63M smart homes projected by 2022, which is nearly half of the market. Building and investing in smart properties significantly improves the value proposition to home buyers, and Crestron Home has become the gateway product developers are turning to.

Lighting, shading, and heating/cooling are the key systems developers focus on and that buyers care about most. Offering these smart home systems immediately gives developers a competitive edge. One of the key advantages of the Crestron Home platform is its scalability, regardless of what the future residents want to add to their environment, such as home entertainment, security, energy management, and voice control.

Crestron Home is so simple that developers can commission it without the type of investment our legacy products entailed. As a matter fact, 30% of our large-scale development projects are driven by developers.

So, it’s become critically important for the design-build community and Crestron dealers to partner. Crestron is a member of several design-build associations, including CRAN, AIA, ASID, ICAA, and NKBA. Our business development team participates in events around the country, where we promote, train, and support the community. Please contact the Crestron business development team for support. They can educate and recommend Crestron technologies that should be considered at project inception and conceptualization.

Together with our dealers, we offer custom MDU brochures with project renderings, pre-wire specifications, and upgrade paths for prospective tenants and homeowners. At the end of the day, you are helping the realtor and developer communicate options to the buyers.

Crestron Home offers virtually every imaginable technology option, without having to re-invent the entire eco-system after the walls have been buttoned up. As a matter of fact, since it’s cloud-based, the system evolves and improves over time. The design elements, such as dimmers, keypads, and touch screens can be added or replaced easily without touching any of the infrastructure.

Another asset we make available to you is our array of beautiful Crestron Showrooms and Experience Centers, where we also hold events throughout the year. I encourage you to visit a showroom virtually or in-person, so you can personally experience and demonstrate the simplicity and flexibility of Crestron Home. Whenever anyone experiences it for themselves and they see how easy it is to change lighting scenes or adjust environmental conditions, they are blown away!

The user experience has always been vital to the success of a system, but not every dealer had a “GUI ninja” who could wow the customer. But with Crestron Home, you can now stand proudly behind the product and show developers just how cool our ecosystem is compared to the competition.

Crestron Home practically sells itself. I know when I hand the app to an architect, interior designer, or developer, they immediately get excited. Crestron DBP Partners are entitled to a personal use discount on a demo system to install in their offices, where they can wow their clients. As I like to say, never underestimate the cool factor!

Final thoughts
Homes are increasingly built smart from the ground up. Smart home technology is now expected; even viewed as a necessity, rather than a luxury. Historically, the integrator was brought in long after key decisions were made. But this negatively impacted the interior design and proper technology deployment. Now, the integrator is viewed as an essential member of the design-build team.

My advice to you is to let us help you develop potential partnerships. Demonstrate the interface. And put the power of Crestron Home into the hands of your clients. Show them how simple and intuitive our interface is. Because simplicity is the new perfection.

Connecting the Showroom Experience in Today’s Virtual Age

Posted on February 8th, 2021

Crestron - Home Automation

By Bryan Celli


We can all agree that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world in many ways. Some changes will only be temporary, while others may be permanent.  One area that’s been greatly impacted is activities that take place in-person. Whether it’s going to concerts and movie theaters or purchasing a car and retail shopping, adjustments have been necessary, regardless of our personal feelings. This has led many people in these industries to think outside-the-box to provide an alternative solution. The custom electronics industry has been no exception.

Have you ever heard someone say, “I’m more of a hands-on type of person…I learn and retain information better when touching and feeling versus just seeing or reading”? It’s long been said that the best way to understand something is to experience it for yourself. This is especially true for the technology industry, regardless of the individual’s “digital IQ.” For this reason, many custom integrators and manufacturers have invested in building out “experience” centers or showrooms so that decision-makers and design/build professionals can come to interact with the tech themselves.

The positives of such an in-person visit are consistent: greater opportunity for the visitors to leave more informed and educated; greater opportunity for the design/build professional to understand how to blend or hide the technology into their design; greater opportunity for all parties to get on the same page to ensure a smooth project. As a Design Showroom Manager for Crestron over the past 9 years, I’ve witnessed all of these play out time and again firsthand.

In a time when home technology is more in demand than ever, providing the homeowner and design-build professional with the ability to understand and experience their options is critical. While most of these requests still include control of traditional items such as video, music, and lighting, the “new normal” has also introduced the growing concept of home conferencing solutions. These blend the office and work-from-home environments into their current space. While in-person visits to experience these technologies are gradually resuming in most areas, it’s nowhere near to the levels prior to March 2020. Therefore, adjustments are required, one of which is offering virtual tours.

As early as nine months ago, many would have viewed a virtual tour option as unacceptable because it’s “nowhere near the same thing.” Could you imagine selecting a paint color for your walls or choosing a shade fabric for your windows through a photo or a webcam a year ago? Today, the ability to accomplish this virtually has been embraced as a viable alternative, with many people grateful they were offered an option at all! Crestron Design Showrooms in the U.S. have been offering this alternative tour, in addition to protocol-specific in-person tours, for the past few months (NY, FL, TX locations). The feedback has been very positive, as have been the results. Many of the virtual guests have expressed sincere appreciation for the opportunity to participate in these tours, so far.

Two important questions that in-person tour experiences can help answer for guests include, “What are the capabilities?” and “What do I need to make this happen in my/the client’s home?” Tangible User Interfaces (TUIs) combined with Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) help clarify and define that narrative. A proper and successful virtual tour experience allows for this, minus the ability to physically touch. For example, seeing what happens when a button on a TUI, such as a keypad, is pressed; observing how to navigate a GUI on a mobile device or tablet; and learning how to create a lighting scene. These can all still be demonstrated live in a Crestron virtual tour. This is not the commonly seen prerecorded tour or a 3D walkthrough. This is a live person in the showroom communicating directly with you and your client! If getting to a Crestron showroom in-person is not a reality, you don’t have to settle for trying to explain it the best way you can. Please take advantage of the adjustments we have made to support your opportunities!

To schedule an in-person or virtual Crestron tour, submit a tour request here. One of our Design Showroom Managers will respond. Please note that for in-person tour requests, there are COVID-19 protocols that need to be followed (U.S. states on the quarantine list, PPE requirements, temperature checks, etc.). Help set expectations with guests in advance of the scheduled tour. Any information about them that you can provide us with is beneficial. Some examples include: any experience they may have had with home technology; any defined system “must-haves”; and any questions or concerns they may have expressed. This information will help the presenter customize the tour to better suit the guest’s comfort level and deliver a more connected experience.

Final thoughts
Unexpected challenges and adjustments are going to be part of our lives as we learn to navigate the “new normal.” Technology has an opportunity to play a lead role in both the process and the solution. Please let us help support you in your efforts to provide your clients with solutions that benefit them and their families. Please stay healthy and safe!

Palladio for Zoffany

Posted on February 5th, 2021





The world that narrated the curation of Palladio Volume I for

Zoffany has changed beyond recognition. Its existence is now

almost incomparable to our new and strangely altered lives,

but unexpectedly a parallel has emerged between today and

Palladio’s inaugural 1955 launch.


Witnessing an iconic moment in time, this story is a celebration

of new and original design, colourful and exemplary,

underpinned by optimism and anticipation. A launch that pairs

six favourite Palladio designs from the Zoffany archive with the

introduction of an exceptional British talent.


Palladio Volume I for Zoffany is a stunningly insightful

compendium of wallcoverings, featuring designs handpicked by

Robert and Roger Nicholson, the creative duo behind Palladio’s

initial launch 65 years ago. Chosen for their individuality and

accomplished handwriting, feel the immersive and atmospheric

opulence of Exchange Square, the striking geometric of Impact

and the ordered structure of Columns. Majoring in variety and

building an everlasting archive, Palladio’s mid-century origins

brought the beauty of art to public spaces, adorning municipal

interiors with dramatic, large-scale motifs.


Continuing Palladio’s ethos of identifying new talent, Zoffany is

thrilled to introduce Sam Wilde, a graduate of the Royal College

of Art whose striking design, ‘Precarious Pangolins’ features in

this collection. Chosen for his artistry, modernity and passion

for the environment, Sam’s dynamic approach mirrors that of

the Nicholsons’ mid-century choices. With a background in

natural sciences, Sam’s ‘bioappropriation’ belief system supports

the plants, animals and places that feature in his designs, via a

percentage of the proceeds generated from each sale.


Peter Gomez, head of design at Zoffany says, “We’re absolutely

delighted to unveil Palladio Volume I, a project that’s been kept

tightly under wraps for a very long time. From selecting our

favourite Palladio archive pieces, to getting to know the fabulous

designers at the Royal College of Art, this collection has been

a huge joy to produce from start to finish. Additionally, we’re

excited to set up a bursary programme which will help one

designer each year at the RCA, continuing with the Nicholson

brothers’ legacy of supporting exceptional new design talent.”


In a comparison with the original Palladio launch, Palladio

Volume I for Zoffany is made up almost exclusively of Nicholson

brothers’ designs, providing a fitting first chapter to this

inspiring story. Staying true to the original pattern books

and promotional material, illustrated interiors, instead of

photography, have been used throughout this collection,

adding integrity and continuity. With Palladio as relevant now

as at its initial launch, the Zoffany studio is already working on

Volume II.

Hive Light Fixtures from KingsHaven Offer Endless Creative Opportunities

Posted on January 29th, 2021

KingsHaven - light fixture - The Hive

One of KingsHaven’s most customizable light fixtures, the Hive offers designers nearly endless opportunities for creativity. Members of KingsHaven’s Workroom Trade Program can custom order the Hive in any number, color or shape configuration their project calls for, with extensive blown glass options and virtually unlimited finish choices. This luxuriously textured light fixture can be created and used in many ways throughout the home or in commercial settings, whether as a semi-flush, flush mount, pendant, chandelier, table lamp, or in its default setting as a wall sconce. With the KingsHaven Hive, the design and customization possibilities are boundless.


Big Things in 2021 for Travers!

Posted on January 28th, 2021

Drum roll please! Introducing the @traversnewyork Official Instagram account, filled with their fabric, trims and inspiration every step of the way. There are many exciting things in store for 2021 and Travers hopes you’ll follow along with them as they begin their Instagram journey. More to come soon! #traversnewyork #traverstheworld

Travers is sold exclusively through @zimmerandrohde

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Scott Group Studio Introduces 3 New Collections

Posted on January 28th, 2021

Scott Group Studio - New Collections


Motifs found in nature demonstrate some of the most interesting and effortless artistry. The balance of organic symmetry, bookmatched woods, stone markings and animal prints all serve as earthy inspiration for the Fractal Collection.



With six unique handmade patterns inspired by the essence of a naturally flowing stream, this series focuses on detailed construction, subtle movement and quiet beauty. Brook consists of a complex palette of warm dimensional neutrals and speaks to refined luxury with mini



The Empire Collection is a tribute to this incredible era of Deco influence, translated into a modern aesthetic. It is characterized by geometric shapes, chevron patterns, stepped forms, sweeping curves and bold colors which celebrate a timeless look. Empire is a fresh, liberating approach to a classic movement in design.

Introducing Liberty of London, Now Available Through Fabricut!

Posted on January 27th, 2021

Fabricut - Liberty of London


Available exclusively in the US through Fabricut, the new Modern Archive Collection from Liberty pays homage to the brand’s longstanding legacy as the home of London design. With the highest quality bases of heavy linen, velvet and cotton, expertly printed in Lake Como, the six color stories of the Liberty Modern Archive collection speak to the passions of the collector.

Lapis, Pewter, Lichen, Lacquer, Jade and Dragonfly tell the story of Liberty through the ages, uniting a rich and diverse archive of English hand-drawn patterns. It’s a nod to the world of antiques and artworks, scarves and ceramics that have long been curated within the London emporium’s wood-paneled walls.

Contact the Fabricut showroom for more information on the Liberty of London Modern Archive Collection!

Browse Liberty Fabrics: https://www.fabricut.com/represented-brands/liberty

Contact the New York Fabricut Showroom: newyork@fabricut.com