April 12-30, 2021

Discounted prices on luxury floor samples and select inventory at participating showrooms!

Baumann Dekor  //  Bielecky Brothers  //  David Sutherland  //  Dedon  //  KingsHaven  //  Marc Phillips Decorative Rugs  //  Michael Dawkins Home  //  Paul Ferrante  //  Pierre Frey  //  Rug Art  //  Sampson Mills  //  Shelly Tile  //  Stark Carpet  //  Walters Wicker  //  Worlds Away  //  Zimmer & Rohde

Baumann Dekor

Suite: 518
Phone Number: 212-258-0688

Discounts on: Pillows at 10% off, and additional 10% off with 2 or more purchased. All pillows made with discontinued fabric are $20-25 each.

Bielecky Brothers

Suite: 911
Phone Number: 212-753-2355

Discounts on: Floor Samples (up to 20% off Trade Price)

David Sutherland

Suite: 401
Phone Number: 212-871-9717

Immediately available | great condition | reduced pricing includes all finishes, COM, COL; sold as-is


Suite: 720
Phone Number: 212-334-3345

Discounts on: Floor samples up to 50% off – Available for immediate delivery!


Suite: 402
Phone Number: 917-750-0219

Discounts on: Up to 70% off select, popular KingsHaven artisan light fixtures. Multiple quantities available. Sale items include the Beckett Square Chandelier in Charred Iron; Luna Globe Pendant, Medium Plus; Luna Table Lamp in Charred Iron; Essex Double Arm Sconce in Charred Iron; Paris Prism Pendant, Small, in Charred Iron; Surrey Twist Pendant in Charred Iron; Surrey Pendant in Charred Iron; Hammersmith Hanging Lantern, Large; Lutyens Peaked Roof Sconce, Medium; Montparnasse Mini Round Flush-Mount Pendant in Charred Iron; Montparnasse Octagon Pendant in Charred Iron. Learn about KingsHaven at

Marc Phillips Decorative Rugs

Suite: 211
Phone Number: 212-752-4275

Discounts on: Select Rugs 30-70% off (100+ rugs avail.).

*Offering handcrafted in-stock, custom creations and antique rugs.

Michael Dawkins Home

Suite: 707
Phone Number: 212-888-2748

Discounts on: Floor Samples (Up to 60% off)

Paul Ferrante

Suite: 717
Phone Number: 212-355-7285

Discounts on: Floor Samples up to 50% Off.

Pierre Frey

Suite: 1611
Phone Number: 212-421-0534

Discounts on: Furniture, rugs and drapery at up to 50% off designer net pricing.

Rug Art

Suite: 1518
Phone Number: 212-207-8211

Discounts on: Floor Samples (up to 50% off)

Sampson Mills

Suite: 1540
Phone Number: 718-412-9040

PromoCode: DD60%

60% off all Silent Gliss Products

Promo code exclusively available at:

Silent Gliss considers themselves at the top of the pyramid in the European market for window treatment Hardware.

Sampson Mills is now offering an up to 60% off Sale for the month of April on all Silent Gliss tracks to celebrate the Easter and Passover Holidays.

All products manufactured by the Silent Gliss US assembly plant located in the Bronx NY

Free Shipping on orders $50 and more. (Terms and conditions may apply). Pick up options available

Shelly Tile

Suite: 819
Phone Number: 212-832-2255

Discounts on: Hand-Painted Sink, Marble Medallions & Panels, Swarovski Crystal Jewelry

Stark Carpet

Suite: 1102
Phone Number: 212-752-9000

Discounts on: Closeout Rugs – Up to 50% off (100+ rugs avail.)

Walters Wicker

Suite: 538
Phone Number: 212-758-0472

Deep Discounts on: Select Outdoor Furniture

Worlds Away

Suite: 414
Phone Number: 332-220-2155

Discounts on: Floor Samples

Zimmer & Rohde

Suite: 932
Phone Number: 212-758-7925

Discounts on: Floor Samples