Elitis - Vestiaire Masculin. Fall Market 2021


Vestiaire Masculin

A Parisian couture atmosphere, androgynous icons rendered eternal by film. For the attire, the designer has elaborated on the elegance of natural fibers: linen, jute, raffia… He gives light to the supple weft of textile, coated canvas, or a fine silky cotton warp. Often a metallic sheen appears, like that of the cufflink of a tasteful gentlemen, timeless dandies.

These creations are woven, placing textiles onto walls. Some are produced by hand, and mix the codes of men’s tailoring with those of natural fibers, calling upon jute, raffia or even linen. We also discover the spirit of caning, braiding and handcrafted weaving. Some are made entirely from natural materials, others imitate them.


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