Ateliers de France New York Studio

Ateliers de France New York Studio
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Ateliers De France New York Studio:

Designed as a true workshop, this large, light-filled 200m2 space allows a dozen subsidiaries of the French group with over 55 trades to showcase their know-how, from gilding to wood carving, staff, stucco marble and decorative locksmithing…  

 For over thirty years, most of the subsidiaries of the Ateliers De France Group have been working on the other side of the Atlantic, under the direction of some of the greatest decorators. 

Companies represented in the New York Studio of Ateliers De France Group: 

  • ATELIER DE LA BOISERIE (high-end woodwork and millwork)
  • RÉMY GARNIER (decorative hardware, decorative lighting)
  • VLD (high-end ironmongery)
  • ATELIERS PERRAULT (Wood paneling, fine joinery, cabinetry, carpentry)
  • BAGUÈS (art lighting)
  • ATELIER LOUIS DEL BOCA (staff, stucco plaster, stucco marble…) 
  • ATELIER PREMIERE NY (decorative painting, wallpaper, decorative plaster…)
  • LITTLE HALSTOCK (design and manufacture of luxury items and furniture)
  • BRONZES De FRANCE (architectural hardware) 
  • EDM USA (high-end stone and marble solutions)

 Ateliers De France Group also has a strong local presence, with 4 subsidiaries in the United States :  

  • ATELIER PREMIERE NY (painting, decorative painting and gilding) 
  • EDM USA (high-end stone and marble solutions)
  • ADF USA (general contracting management of high-end projects) 
  • BRONZES de FRANCE (architectural hardware)