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For over fifteen years, Joseph Carini Carpets have been designed in New York, woven in Nepal, and inspired by the world in between. Founded in 1997 by Joe Carini and Aurelie Lang, the emphasis of the company is focused on exploring the use of unusual natural dyes., natural fibers, and authentic traditional weaving techniques. Joseph Carini began working with Tibetan and Nepalese carpets in 1991 and so has had a long history with the design revolution which took place in this field over the last two decades. Previous to that he was an expert in the antique carpet world, dealing mostly in collectible tribal rugs. His infatuation with rare and unusual rugs lead him to an in-depth study of the use of colors, specialized natural dyes, design etymologies and weaving techniques. The lost knowledge he was able to accumulate and apply to his work makes Joseph Carini Carpets one of the last of the modern rug makers in the world to use authentic Tibetan knotting techniques as well as creating dyes from scratch. The colors we use are connected with healing plants and rooted in Ayurvedic science. How color effects our emotional and physical life are questions which have informed our work from the beginning. By preserving traditional processes and fusing them with visionary design, Joe hopes to bring the magic from the past into the contemporary world in which we live