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Sallie Hall and her daughter Andrea Elish’s appreciation for craftsmanship comes from their time living abroad. Sallie was decorating her house in Mexico City when she discovered the hand-loomed woolen fabrics designed by a community of local weavers. Sallie’s desire to interpret those local textile traditions for the American market led to the creation of Savel when she moved back to the United States in 1984.

Sallie and Andrea now collaborate with mills globally to shape the Savel collections’ subtle designs. After graduating from Vassar and HEC, the French business school, Andrea opened Savel’s New York office in 1994.

Savel brings innovative fabric designs with luxurious textures and a broad breadth of color to the interior designer. The collections are available through trade only showrooms in all major cities across the United States and in London. Savel’s customer service is personal, responsive, and has led to long lasting client relationships.