Clarence House introduces Akasaka: Woodblock Design Fabrics
Posted on 01/13/21

Clarence House Spring 2021 Collection - Akasaka wood block print fabric


Clarence House is introducing their Spring 2021 collection which includes Akasaka, an original hand-block design created by Kazumi Yoshida.

New elaborate woodblock designs are rare. In this production method, each step is completely hand crafted, from carving the individual blocks to printing the fabric. Akasaka is inspired by the intertwinings of different cultures. The flowers are drawn in a western style, but it has the undeniable influence of Japanese woodblock prints. This pattern is unique and exquisite, offering an experience when admiring all of the hard work that went into creating it. Akasaka Link:
Akasaka Clarence House Spring 2021 Collection Wood Block Print Fabric