Élitis: Fabric Collections – Horizon
Posted on 04/12/21
  Their mantra? Semi-plain. True false friends of smoothness and regularity, they curl, sway and intertwine the heritage of weaving, juxtapose references and cover technical tracks to take on a handmade look and feel. In a modern craft culture, their beauty is pure, not ostentatious. Softness. A blended bright spell that shifts the horizon of the essential. Joy. The creations play on rustic and bare ambivalence while transforming linen, jute or wool. The material, sculpted in the fiber, exalts ethnic and authentic roots, enhanced with ultra tactile or extra-cozy details. Who are its guides? The people of the Earth, Kenya or Burkina Faso, the leaders of the Bauhaus and even those who marked the Seventies.   The collection plays on irregularity and handcrafted references while discreetly multiplying the effects (some of which are only possible thanks to very old French machines!): Structured jute, fancy linen, looped or braided wool, jacquard and exceptional weaves.  
Elitis Horizon Collection