Introducing Fathom: New Colors of Shagarrett and Rill from Garrett Leather
Posted on 04/13/21
  There is a fluid world around us that is subject to pressures and influences one can only imagine, yet it is a place where natural creativity thrives. For centuries, the ocean has been a perpetual source of inspiration for artists, designers, and those who love texture and color. Capturing the intrinsic beauty of this rarely seen world is a difficult task and the story behind the newest offerings from Garrett Leather. Fathom includes two beautiful leather collections, Shagarrett and Rill, both inspired by the natural treasures of the deep sea. These leathers tell the story of texture, color, and craft. Shy and mysterious, ray fish are some of the most elusive creatures of the deep. Stingray leather, often referred to as shagreen, is known for its unique beauty, exceptional strength, and rare bead-like texture. For centuries, it has been associated with wealth and luxury. Shagarrett is Garrett Leather’s proprietary name for their shagreen leather. Garrett Leather recently introduced ten new modern colors to this beloved collection. Water is a powerful force of nature, yet so caressing and soothing to the touch. This is the allure of Rill. The gentle rippled pattern of Rill touches upon the theme of contrasts with a dramatic interplay of light and shadows, evoking the sensuous patterns created above and below the surface of the sea. The artistry and handcraft of the Fathom collection allows you to experience the lure of the mysterious underwater environment with its inexhaustible wealth of wonderous forms and textures. To fully appreciate the beauty of these leathers, one must comprehend the true artistry behind them. These leather collections feature whole hides of premium Italian-tanned cowhide, embossed with inviting textures. No visible plate lines appear in the main cutting area, making them an ideal option for large, upholstered pieces and wall applications. Both Shagarrett and Rill feature beautiful depth of color. Each hide is individually hand-antiqued, an intensive labor of love, to achieve the final two-tone appearance and subtle sheen. All colors of Shagarrett and Rill are GREENGUARD certified and offer LeatherShield protection for high traffic areas. All colors are in stock and available for immediate shipment. Please contact your local representative to learn more about this exquisite collection and to request samples or visit our website at    
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