Élitis Fabric Collections: Escale
Posted on 06/10/21
  In a daydream, hit the road and follow the lifelines of a territory ... More in love with travel and freedom than ever, this collection flees gloom for a vibrant stopover in sub-Saharan Africa. Lively, invigorating, its geometric patterns are precious moving landmarks on fabric: traversing topographic lines, aligning singular encounters. With their tonic accents and their arty spirit, they retrace the trail of nomadic objects, age-old weaves of the Shoowas or Yorubas, tribal sculptures and then converse with street art in Dakar. Sunny strolls, fabulous escapades undulating on our atlas… When color block compositions step aside for insolently textured embroideries, they share the same ground: the ancestral fibers of linen, wool, cotton and jute. While their warm tones of fire and earth are close to the natural elements, they radiate vibrations of emerald, intense blue, saffron and orange blossom.   With 9 large emblematic designs, this collection revisits fabrics from several African regions while giving a voice to embroidery and weaving: the eclecticism of the techniques and the stitches used contrasts with the simplicity of the geometric patterns, also obtained through printing. Throughout the creations, we also encounter weaves, weave effects reminiscent of raffia braiding, several effects of scale, and carefully thought-out finishes (tumbler, airsoft ...). And, with an ever-present homage to handicraft which permeates throughout all the 2021 collections.  
Elitis Escale Fabric Collections