Dedar Milano Linen Anthology

Posted on June 2nd, 2021

Linen Anthology

Linen conjures up the expressive strength and evocative power of natural fibres in a collection of extra-wide fabrics embracing always different grades of transparency and texture.

Sustainable, pure and local: the collection is 100% made in Europe, from flax plant to yarn to textile and guarantees a sustainable production at each step.



Dedar Milano - APRIL


This lightweight, extra-wide linen canvas, yarn-dyed, features a unique shot effect. The long linen fibres of French and Belgian origin were woven in Italy. Enhanced luminosity and resistance with a softer more refined finish. Natural and soft to the touch.

Col. 1 “Bianco”⁠


Dedar Milano - SIGNOR DARCY⁠

This light and elegant extra-wide Chevron, yarn-dyed, was woven in Italy with fine, long linen fibres from France and Belgium. Both soft and resistant.
Col.12 “Daim”⁠


Dedar Milano - TADZIO⁠

This extra-wide, yarn-dyed twill – a typical diagonal weave – was woven in Italy with long linen fibres from France and Belgium. Resistant and easy to care.
Col.1 “Bianco”⁠

Photographed by Andrea Ferrari



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