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Studio Zen - Fall Market 2022

Open House – Suite 1818

Visit Studio Zen Wallcoverings for an open house to view the latest new products such as our Metal Leaf Wallpaper, currently on display in Japan Railway’s Bullet Train Hiroshima Station.

Item #SZM-0516 from Red Shell collection. (Metal Leaf Wallpaper)

Installation photo is SZM-0516. It is currently displayed at the Rest Area of Japan Railway’s Bullet Train Hiroshima Station. The item was selected as its design represents the image of autumn leaves perfectly which the city of Hiroshima is known for.

“It is a fumigated silver leaf in sulfur that discolor into RED by the sulfurization reaction. Silver is discolored into red, blue, and black by smoking in sulfur. The technique of smoking the silver leaf by sulfur was originally developed in Japan. It is a very special skill that can be done by limited craftsmen. Because each leaf’s expression is different and not possible to produce the exact same color, there is a feature that you can actually enjoy as a pattern.”