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Clarence House


Suite 205

An Open House with Clarence House

Please join us in the Clarence House showroom for an open house event featuring the new 20th Century Collection of fabrics. We can’t wait to explore the collection with you and share some scrumptious treats – you won’t want to miss it! Inspired by the century’s most notable moments and the artistic minds that stood behind them, our 20th Century Collection pays homage to this time of change and the unshakeable spirit of artists and designers of the period. Abundant with inspiration and innovation, the 20th century saw a variety of different art movements and new interior design trends that swept through the world and truly defined this provocative era of turbulence and greatness.

Introducing Clarence House’s New 20th Century Collection

Clarence House’s 20th Century Collection finds its roots in an incredibly provocative and exalting time period. Brimming with inspiration and innovation in the world of art and design, this momentous period in history greatly affected the work of many artistic minds.

Some were drawn to the new, resplendent technological and scientific advancements of the era. Combined with the dynamic cultural climates of the period, these advancements influenced and sparked a century of iconic art and design movements across the globe. However, many others saw these advancements in science and technology as the fuel that ignited two world wars and ultimately left them with smoldering carnage in their aftermath. Perhaps these artists and designers hoped to find an enduring aesthetic in nature that was not subject to the whims – and at times destructive influence – of technological change.

This curated range of fabrics explores notable moments and pays homage to artists and designers from the 20th century, reinterpreting them for the 21st century. View the full collection in the Clarence House showroom and online.