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10am – Suite 1107

An In-Depth Look at Product & Color Innovation

Join us for an invigorating discussion of color, texture, and product innovation. During this informative and interactive session with Carolyn Perillo, Head of New Product Innovation for Garrett Leather, you’ll discuss the hottest design trends with your peers and learn about unique finishing techniques to help you achieve the exact look that your clients want. You’ll also gain “behind the scenes” insight on how new leather collections are developed and brought to market.

Garrett Leather - Bellissimo

Introducing Bellissimo: A New Collection of Distressed Italian Leather with A Scratch-Resistant Finish

Introducing a collection of sixteen distressed leathers designed to be remarkably livable, strikingly relaxed, and best of all, unexpectedly tasteful. Each uniquely beautiful. Bellissimo is designed to take what life dishes out, including the busy, active movements of kids, pets, and people. Its classic colors, casual appearance, and virtually scratch-resistant surface make it an excellent option for all upholstery applications, especially high traffic areas. It passes IMO flammability requirements for private yachts and may be treated to pass FAR requirements for aviation use.

This is a sophisticated leather with warmth, personality, and a one-of-a-kind appearance that seamlessly blends the best of both old and new, urban and rustic in one effortless design statement. The distressed surface of Bellissimo reveals a unique depth of color, soft luster, and a richly satisfying hand unlike anything that grandfather would recognize on his favorite recliner. Comforting? Absolutely. Boring? Never.

The rich and relaxed character of Bellissimo features a natural grain, which is accentuated as part of a multi-step tanning process and is not created by embossing. Bellissimo’s distinctive aged and distressed appearance is obtained by using a blend of waxes and dry milling. This important step breaks the wax finish and creates the unique pattern and personality of Bellissimo. Like all classic leathers, this natural and scratch-resistant surface will only improve with age.

Whether it’s used to adorn your client’s prestigious office space, comfortable home, relaxing yacht, or private jet, this remarkable leather will endure all of life’s precious moments with ease and grow even more beautiful over time. Liberate yourself and embrace the noncurated, unembellished moments in life, without worry. That’s Bellissimo.

Live your life. Love your leather.

Please contact your local sales representative to learn more about this exquisite collection and to request samples or visit our website at

Introducing the New Forest Collection: Bringing the Serenity of the Outdoors into Interiors

Garrett Leather has collaborated with Mark Berryman Design to create the exclusive collection; New Forest. Located in the New Forest studio on the south coast of England, Mark Berryman Design specializes in high-end interiors for superyachts of distinction and shares a passion for ingenuity and authenticity in handcrafted luxury.

Mutual curiosity for innovation in colors, patterns and textures steered the design of this collection—which has particularly attractive visual and tactile appeal. Unlike anything currently on the open market, these sensory attributes are a direct homage to the natural elements of the New Forest. In a world of ever-increasing stress, the New Forest collection offers a haven of harmony, featuring organic materials that bring the serenity of the outdoors into interiors.

The four lines of the New Forest Collection, Hawkhill, Bolderwood, Exbury and Keyhaven, are inspired by the idyllic glades and ancient woodlands of the New Forest Nature Reserve. The spirit of this ancient habitat is personified by the introspective artistry and personal handcraft of each article. All made with European, premium quality hides, the depth and nuance of color ensures beautifully versatile and enduring products. Hawkhill, Bolderwood, Exbury and Keyhaven are all sold in full hides averaging 54-57 square feet. They pass IMO flammability requirements for private yachts and may be treated to pass FAR requirements for aviation use.


This roughout semi-aniline leather reflects the organic and evolving adaptability of our ever-changing world. Hawkhill is made in Italy and finished with natural resins. The hides are milled and artfully sanded to obtain the visceral textures found in our natural environment. Hawkhill is reversed natural grain leather with a soft, tactile finish and well-worn appearance. It is recommended for moderate to low traffic areas.


Earthy and layered, Bolderwood harkens the sanctuary of an ancient coniferous canopy and the rich resolute of the centuries-old, undisturbed woodland floor. Bolderwood is embossed with a beautiful organic pattern that is accentuated by hand-finishing artistry, giving depth to the final appearance. As a LeatherShield product, Bolderwood has excellent durability and is recommended for all upholstery applications.


Exbury exhibits a spectacular collision of color and texture. Decadent details are exemplified with its large grain pattern. Exbury is a durable, semi-aniline leather and recommended for all upholstery applications. Its hand-tipped and antique finish ensure a beautiful and lasting appearance.


Relaxed and restful, Keyhaven channels the unique colors and shapes of eroded rocks where fossils have embedded. Its granular, small grain pattern and handcrafted finish give Keyhaven its distinctive touch. Keyhaven is an embossed, semi-aniline leather with excellent durability and is recommended for all upholstery applications.

The New Forest Collection reflects nature’s palette. Its serene colors have a calming influence and capture the visual serenity of the organic world. When it comes to incorporating Hawkhill, Bolderwood, Exbury and Keyhaven into your designs, imagination is the only limitation. The New Forest Collection can be used in any way you desire to create timeless appeal for any space or application.

Bring the outdoors into your interior and harmonize with all that is nature.

All 18 GREENGUARD Certified colors are now in-stock and available for immediate shipment.

Please contact your local sales representative to learn more about this exquisite collection and to request samples or visit our website at