Élitis Introduces Panoramique 360° Murals

Imagine a collection of short stories, light and carefree. Imagine stories that never end, the joy of shared moments which continue unabated along beaches and through forests. To the left, infinity. To the right, infinity. Cosmopolitan scenes that unfold in their entirety, revealing impromptu details and giving us a taste of the world’s simple pleasures. … Continued

Élitis Fabric Collections: Escale

News Élitis Fabric Collections: Escale Posted on 06/10/21   In a daydream, hit the road and follow the lifelines of a territory … More in love with travel and freedom than ever, this collection flees gloom for a vibrant stopover in sub-Saharan Africa. Lively, invigorating, its geometric patterns are precious moving landmarks on fabric: traversing … Continued

Élitis: Outdoor Fabric Collections – Rio and Riviera Dream

News Élitis: Outdoor Fabric Collections – Rio and Riviera Dream Posted on 05/17/21   Rio Own the Look They’ve never made it a secret, they’re somewhat partial to cha-cha, rumba and bossa nova. Sandy beach culture, a bit of a check-it-out vibe, flowers in Japan, with a heavy tapestry finish. Make flowers and palm trees … Continued

Élitis: Fabric Collections – Horizon

News Élitis: Fabric Collections – Horizon Posted on 04/12/21   Their mantra? Semi-plain. True false friends of smoothness and regularity, they curl, sway and intertwine the heritage of weaving, juxtapose references and cover technical tracks to take on a handmade look and feel. In a modern craft culture, their beauty is pure, not ostentatious. Softness. … Continued

Élitis: Kachama Collection

News Élitis: Kachama Collection Posted on 04/07/21   Part of the New Spring 2021 Wallpaper and Wallcovering Launch. Kachama interprets incredible oriental weaves printed on linen. Imperial club identity under very Thai, shiny reflections. Come closer, yes closer. Up close, the irregularity of the weaves and the combinations of materials cut and re-woven together reveal … Continued