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Dare to Live Boldly with Stroheim’s New Color Collection

Posted on June 21st, 2021

Dare to Live Boldly with Stroheim’s New Color Collection


Stroheim is debuting a fresh new look with the Color collection. These fabrics, trimmings and wallcoverings explore shades of color and parades of pattern with scale, technique and texture in mind. With vibrant room-building prints, embroideries, and Crypton Home wovens, there’s something for any interior.

Color welcomes you home – embrace it. Browse the entire collection in the Fabricut showroom, or visit Stroheim online for more.

See more from Stroheim: www.stroheim.com




A Sneak Peek at Moooi Wallcoverings by Arte – Spring 2022 Collection

Posted on June 17th, 2021

A Sneak Peek at Moooi Wallcoverings by Arte – Spring 2022 Collection


Arte celebrates Spring with a sneak peek of its Spring 2022 Moooi Wallcoverings by Arte collection. Mimic Moth is the latest design in the Extinct Animals collection, which combines natural motifs with rich colorways and lush surface textures in bold and sophisticated wallcoverings.

Mimic Moth, a 3D wallcovering with a soft suede look, is inspired by the Mimic Moth’s shape and habitat. The wallcovering’s design resembles a damask pattern of embossed Mimic Moths surrounded by petals and flowers. It is available in one colorway, Pale Pink (the full collection will feature more colorways).

Mimic Moth is the first design from Arte and Moooi’s Spring 2022 collection inspired by new Extinct Animals. Like current Moooi Wallcovering designs, this collection will be inspired by a range of flora and fauna and made from unexpected and luxurious materials.

Mimic Moth will be available as a special preview release through Arte representing showrooms worldwide beginning in late-April 2021. The full collection will launch in Spring 2022.

Available in the Koroseal showroom, suite 842.



Phillip Jeffries Introduces Waterfall

Posted on June 17th, 2021

Phillip Jeffries Introduces Waterfall


The calming spirit of rushing water and lush tropical foliage inspire WATERFALL, a natural oasis with the illusion of a misty pool. Digitally printed on a variety of natural, textured, and vinyl grounds where artistry meets innovation in seven majestic colors.



Innovations Introduces Their Summer Collection, Elemental

Posted on June 11th, 2021


The Elemental collection takes inspiration from natural elements – bringing moments of mindfulness to our surroundings with calming colors and soft textures. The introduction of eight new wallcoverings along with fresh new colorways of our popular Tahiti and Edo Silk, work to cultivate a sense of tranquility and promote wellness within our interiors. Wallcoverings such as Luna, Oasis and Mantra draw inspiration from stylized grasses, water, and reflective beauty essential in Zen gardens. Embrace the elements of nature to create relaxing spaces that start with walls.


A translucent, airy textile is draped over a metallic paper ground in Oasis. The spaces between intricate layers of double-woven fabric produce pockets of material, creating the illusion of running water. A painted ground beneath peeks through the surface offering moments of stillness and reflection, complete with an elegant color palette.


Fine stripes of cork veneers are pieced together to form a delicate pattern of horizontal pinstripes in Isla. The inherent beauty of this natural cork wallcovering is complemented by an underlayer of metallic foil, in unexpected hues that range from blush pink to electric blue, reflecting eye-catching glimmers of light, day or night.


Alternating vertical strips of sustainable Paulownia wood veneer are arranged to create a subtle chevron pattern. Caprio utilizes a rift cut technique adding multidimensional design for a tailored wallcovering. A sophisticated palette includes soft shades from cream to black.


Mantra plays with light and shadow, forming a pattern that emulates blades of grass. A laser-cutting technique applied to the polyester satin weave reveals a lustrous sheen and undeniable texture. This luxurious and durable textile wallcovering offers added depth with a bold palette ranging from warm neutrals to burgundy and beyond.


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Holly Hunt Introduces Their Ikigai Collection

Posted on June 11th, 2021

Holly Hunt Introduces Their Ikigai Collection


Holly Hunt is pleased to introduce the new Ikigai collection from New Zealand textiles house Mokum. The array is an evolution of Mokum’s ever popular La Primavera collection, adopting many of the same key elements of feminine design, visual optimism and bringing the outdoors in, all with a more Asian aesthetic.  Behind the inspiration is a Japanese concept, a formula for happiness and contentment, “a reason for being, encompassing joy, a sense of purpose and a feeling of well-being.” Within the Ikigai assortment is a gorgeous drapery and wallpaper pattern called Mizu Garden (pictured here).  This is Mokum’s first foray into designing a panel print and required a more bespoke approach than usual with the studio having to abandon their traditional textile and wallpaper repeat systems, and instead focus on a larger continuous artwork.  Elegant Cranes were chosen as the focal point for the landscape, which in Asian culture are a symbol of luck and longevity. Available now at Holly Hunt, Suites 503/605.


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Élitis Fabric Collections: Escale

Posted on June 10th, 2021


In a daydream, hit the road and follow the lifelines of a territory … More in love with travel and freedom than ever, this collection flees gloom for a vibrant stopover in sub-Saharan Africa. Lively, invigorating, its geometric patterns are precious moving landmarks on fabric: traversing topographic lines, aligning singular encounters. With their tonic accents and their arty spirit, they retrace the trail of nomadic objects, age-old weaves of the Shoowas or Yorubas, tribal sculptures and then converse with street art in Dakar. Sunny strolls, fabulous escapades undulating on our atlas… When color block compositions step aside for insolently textured embroideries, they share the same ground: the ancestral fibers of linen, wool, cotton and jute. While their warm tones of fire and earth are close to the natural elements, they radiate vibrations of emerald, intense blue, saffron and orange blossom.


With 9 large emblematic designs, this collection revisits fabrics from several African regions while giving a voice to embroidery and weaving: the eclecticism of the techniques and the stitches used contrasts with the simplicity of the geometric patterns, also obtained through printing. Throughout the creations, we also encounter weaves, weave effects reminiscent of raffia braiding, several effects of scale, and carefully thought-out finishes (tumbler, airsoft …). And, with an ever-present homage to handicraft which permeates throughout all the 2021 collections.



“Behind the Scenes” of Wired Custom Lighting.

Posted on June 9th, 2021

Wired Custom Lighting takes you behind the scenes to see the processes that result in their exceptional custom lighting products.

Manufacturing pieces of art from Los Angeles to the world.


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